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& Faceyoga

Become full of energy and joy again, reduce physical symptoms, fears and worries and enjoy restful sleep again.

Face Yoga

Anti Aging Yoga, also called Face Yoga, can help people to produce happiness hormones and to feel good all around in their own bodies. This new and extremely successful Face Yoga method was developed in Japan. Originally this method only served the inventor herself. However, she was so successful with it that she wrote several books, trained trainers, offered cucumbers and is still the driving force behind Anti Aging Yoga. Face Yoga uses conventional approaches. These include muscle exercises, stretching and visualization. Face Yoga Basel naturally punishes, smoothes and refreshes the face. Expensive face creams, lotions and treatments work from the outside on the skin layer and try to smooth the skin and reduce wrinkles. Face Yoga works from the inside - for naturally lasting beauty.

Unique in Basel

After the successes in Japan and the USA I am happy to be able to offer Face Yoga in Basel. The method from Japan was specially developed to look young, to be proud of oneself and to go into the world with confidence. When wrinkles and other signs of mature skin cover the dynamics and joy of life that are present in us, this separation of body and mind can make us feel uncomfortable, misunderstood and embarrassed. The result is often a shyness that takes away much of our joie de vivre. With Face Yoga we can positively influence these consequences.

Face Yoga Basel